Workshops on Request

BSC academic counselors are available to facilitate workshops on request for Houses or Yards, departments, classes, or student groups. Examples of popular topics include time management, study skills, and cultural adjustment to Harvard. Workshops can also be developed for new or custom topics related to students’ academic development.

A few  examples of workshops on request:

Commitment and Creativity
Consider where we devote our energy, time, talent, and savvy in the face of internal and external pressures to just “get it done” rather than to engage in our work with genuine interest. Contact: Ariel Phillips or Sheila Reindl.

Identity and Diversity: Background, Belonging, and Becoming
Discussion and exercises regarding identity and belonging related to race, ethnicity, gender, class, first generation to college, nationality, religion, sexual identity, and/or sexual orientation, as these aspects of our identities affect our academic engagement, direction, and success. Contact Robin Warrington or any BSC academic counselor.

Senior Thesis Workshop
Learn how to discern the governing question of your thesis; write literature review and methods sections; manage time, energy, anxiety, and tasks; and make good use of adviser(s). Contact Sheila ReindlCraig Rodgers, or Claire Shindler.

Living a Balanced Enough Life (at Harvard and Beyond)
Consider how to balance academics, extracurriculars, relationships, personal time, and downtime and how to prioritize when everything seems important. Contact Sheila Reindl.