Get an ESL Peer Consultant

Requesting an ESL Peer Consultant


Request an ESL Consultant

To request ESL peer consultation, please complete this form (log in with your HarvardKey).  Please note that you do not need to complete the BSC Peer Tutoring Orientation, which is required for students requesting course-based peer tutoring. 

It usually takes several business days to assign you an ESL peer consultant. Once an ESL peer consultant has agreed to take your job, we will send you and your consultant an email with one another’s names and contact information. Your consultant will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a meeting time and location. If you do not hear from your consultant, please contact the BSC.

About the Consultants 

ESL Peer Consultants are typically Harvard undergraduates who are fluent in English, proficient in at least one language other than English, and share an interest in working with people from different cultures. Some ESL peer consultants are interested in language or cross-cultural teaching as a career and appreciate the opportunity to gain some experience. Others have traveled (or have plans to travel) and enjoy getting to know other people, cultures, and languages.

Costs and Financial Aid

The standard fee is $16 per hour. Fees are termbilled, except for Harvard Extension School students. Program subsidies and individual financial aid often help cover the fees:


Funding is available for degree candidates in GSAS. To apply for funding, please complete and submit a request for funding to participate in the ESL Peer Consultation Program. Your request will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at GSAS. You will receive an email from the BSC within a week to let you know whether your funding request is approved. If you have questions, please email the BSC or the GSAS Student Affairs Office.


Please contact your program director regarding your eligibility for funding.


Please contact the Office of Student Affairs regarding your eligibility for funding.

Harvard College

Harvard College undergraduates pay $7 per hour; the rest of the fee is subsidized by Harvard College. 

Students receiving financial aid from Harvard will receive a credit at the end of each academic term for their ESL peer consultation charges on their termbill in proportion to their financial aid package. If you have a financial aid package and would like to know the amount that you will be credited for the fees, please contact your financial aid officer or email the Harvard College Financial Aid Office.

If you have any concerns about being able to afford the fees, please contact the BSC and the Financial Aid Office. The College wants the program to be within financial reach of all students; College staff are readily available to consult with you about these concerns to figure out next steps.

Harvard Extension School

Harvard Extension School students should contact the School's Undergraduate Degree Programs Office to determine their eligibility for this program and financial support.

Scheduling and Receiving Consulting Sessions


Scheduling and Cancellations

It is up to you and your ESL peer consultant where, when, and for how long you meet. You can set a weekly time or schedule on a per-session basis.

You must notify your ESL peer consultant 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel a session. Otherwise your ESL peer consultant is allowed to charge you for one hour.

About Writing and Editing

ESL peer consultants cannot provide writing or editing help. They can, however, help you review the course content and think through your ideas. BSC academic counselors can help with some aspects of the writing process and connect students with the available resources at Harvard. For writing support, please refer to the resources listed below.

Harvard College

Harvard College Writing Center
Barker Center, Ground Floor

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Click here for a list of writing resources for GSAS students or contact the Writing Tutor at

Graduate School of Education

Academic Writing Services
Gutman Library 254 & 255

Harvard Kennedy School

Writing Consultants are available by appointment or click here for a list of online writing resources for HKS students.

Harvard Extension School

Extension School Writing Center
Grossman Library, Sever Hall

All other schools

Please contact your program director.

Questions and Concerns

Whatever the reason, if the consultation does not feel helpful to you, please let us know immediately. We will work with you to find another ESL peer consultant or resources within the community.

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of your ESL peer consultation experience. You may speak with a counselor or the Assistant Director of the BSC.