Sheila M. Reindl

Sheila M. Reindl

Associate Director

Education: Ed.D., Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education (Counseling and Consulting Psychology); A.B., Harvard-Radcliffe (Biology)

BSC Activities and Interests: My BSC activities include academic counseling, conducting workshops, consulting, teaching the Reading Course, and academic advising. I am the BSC liaison to Currier House and Lowell House.

My interests include the development of voice and authority in writing and in life generally; experiences of shame and humility and their relevance to teaching, learning, intimacy, and growth; experiences of first-generation-to-college students; the role of curiosity, playfulness, and acceptance of imperfection in our relationships with self, others, and our creative endeavors; experiences of love and loss (of people, assumptions, conceptions of who we are) and the potential for grace and growth in a process of grief; listening (and responding) with a sense of authentic presence, attunement, and empathy, making possible an experience of transcendence and transformation.  I concentrated in biology as an undergraduate at Harvard (long before there were many more specific life science concentrations); my interest in how living systems work manifests now in my ongoing learning about brain-based understandings of learning, growth, and development.

Outside of the BSC: Past teacher of Expository Writing and Acting Director of Harvard Writing Center. I am a licensed psychologist.

Personal: I was born and raised in Madison, WI, and I was/am a first-gen student.  My personal interests include color and design, writing, listening to NPR, cross-generational conversation, and stories of how people are moved to lend the self in the service of something greater than the self.  I am married with two grown daughters.  My husband and I have four dogs.