Sheila M. Reindl

Sheila M. Reindl

Associate Director

Education: Ed.D., Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education (Counseling and Consulting Psychology); A.B., Harvard-Radcliffe (Biology)

BSC Activities and Interests: In addition to serving administrative roles as Associate Director, my BSC activities include academic counseling, designing and conducting workshops and presentations, redeveloping and teaching the Harvard Course in Reading and Study Strategies (including Strategic Reader, an online version, to be published by Pearson Education), co-designing the Language of Life and LearningTMdeck of cards, consulting with student leaders and with faculty and staff, producing Cranium Corner handouts and workshop materials, and serving as an academic adviser of first-year students. I am the BSC liaison to Currier House and KirklandHouse.
My interests include the development of voice and authority in writing and in life generally; the role of curiosity, playfulness, and acceptance of imperfection in our relationships with self, others, and our creative endeavors; experiences of love and loss (of people, assumptions, conceptions of who we are) and the potential for grace and growth in a process of grief; experiences of shame and humility and their relevance to teaching, learning, intimacy, and growth; experiences of first-generation-to-college students; attending to instances of dissonance and disturbance – within the self, in our intellectual and creative work, and in our relationships with one another – that signal the need for curiosity and for a searching dialogue that promotes a depth of understanding and an openness to discovery; listening (and responding) with authentic presence, attunement, and empathy that can make possible an experience of fundamental transformation.  I concentrated in biology as an undergraduate at Harvard; my interest in how living systems work manifests now in my ongoing learning about biologically-based understandings of human development.

Outside of the BSC: Past teacher of Expository Writing and Acting Director of Harvard Writing Center. I am a licensed psychologist.

Personal: I was born and raised in Madison, WI, and I was/am a first-gen student.  My personal interests include color and design, writing, listening to NPR, cross-generational conversation, and stories of how people are moved to lend the self in the service of something greater than the self.  I am married with two grown daughters.  My husband and I have three dogs.


Contact Information

p: 617-495-2581