Peter Kozel

Peter Kozel

Academic Counselor

Education: Psy.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Clinical Psychology); M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Clinical Psychology); BSc Dalhousie University (Psychology)

BSC Activities and Interests: My BSC activities include academic counseling, conducting workshops, consulting, teaching the Reading Course, and academic advising. I also specialize in developing, managing, delivering, and assessing academic support services for students with learning disorders and disabilities (and other cognitive difficulties such as ADD/ADHD and executive function disorders).

My interests include helping others develop their own natural resilience and personal power.  It has been my experience that people can overcome most obstacles when their biological and psychological needs are met and they can live authentically within their values system.  It is also particularly meaningful for me to help others explore what their needs and values actually are (and how they are different from what we want them to be) and identify obstacles to these needs and values. In addition to this, I am also interested in working with students with ADHD and other neurocognitive disorders to help them thrive in their college studies.  I am also keenly interested in the vast diversity of the human experience.  Providing an environment where empowerment can naturally occur while also taking a social justice approach are very important to me. 

Outside of the BSC: I am currently publishing research on “social pain” (or the pain we experience from being excluded and undervalued by others) and the biological and neurological corollaries of this experience.  I am pursuing my post-doctoral training in psychology and hope to start teaching a psychology course in the Boston area.  Outside of school, you are probably most likely to see me attending a talk on astronomy or history. 

Personal: I was born in Canada to Czech refugees and was raised bilingual (English and Czech).  My personal interests include traveling (I have now surpassed 40 countries!), enjoying the outdoors (skiing, hiking, biking), and connecting with others.  I also have personal experience overcoming speech and writing difficulties (my handwriting is a lost cause though).