Niti Seth

Niti Seth

Academic Counselor

Education: Ed.D., Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education (Counseling and Consulting Psychology); Diploma, Family Institute of Cambridge; M.S., Boston University (Film, School of Public Communications); B.A., Beaver College (Honors); Jr. B.A., University of Bombay, Bombay, India (Economics and Political Science)

BSC Activities and Interests: My BSC activities include academic counseling, consulting, teaching the Reading Course, and academic advising. I co-supervise the ESL Peer Consulting Program. I am the BSC liaison for Dudley House and the Harvard Kennedy School.

My interests include consultation and outreach on different learning styles, interpersonal issues in classes and residences, working effectively with advisers and mentors, and diversity on campus. I am also interested in cross-cultural issues; consulting to groups, and conflict resolution.

Outside of the BSC:  I have backgrounds in film-making, college administration, and in teaching and counseling at the college and graduate levels at several institutions. Currently, I am Professor and Dean of the Graduate School of Psychology and Counseling at Cambridge College. I am a licensed psychologist. My other professional interests include international development, human rights, peace education, film analysis, and indigenous textiles.

Personal: I was born and raised in Bombay, India, and came to U.S. as undergraduate transfer student from University of Bombay (1967). I have two children.