Judith Flynn

Judith Flynn

Academic Counselor

Education: Ph.D. Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Anthropology); A.B., University of Michigan (Psychology)

BSC Activities and Interests: My BSC activities include academic counseling, consulting, teaching the Reading Course, and academic advising. I also work to support the peer tutoring program. I am the BSC liaison to Lowell House and Oak Yard.

I’m interested in mind, body, brain interactions and how they impact learning. I feel inspired by the mission of Harvard, and I aim to provide a non-judgmental, accepting space for students to reflect upon sources of motivation and to explore meaning and purpose. I aspire to be of service with issues of conflict resolution/management (both conflict within ourselves and with others), priority setting, time management, and organizational strategies & skills. I’m also interested in supporting students as they address issues of procrastination and stuckness, find their voice, and work to feel more comfortable speaking up in discussions as well as in formal presentations.

Outside the BSC:  Past lecturer in the Human Evolutionary Biology department where I taught courses on hormones and behavior, human sexuality and stress. Served as a resident tutor in Quincy House for many years before enjoying thirteen years as the Resident Dean of Quincy House. I’ve been an exercise instructor since my college days, and in my free time I love doing yoga, walking in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, and reading.

Personal: I am married with two sons who are ten years apart.  


Contact Information

p: 617-495-2581