Frank J. McNamara

Frank J. McNamara

Academic Counselor

Education: Psy.D., William James College (formerly MSPP); M.A. Lesley University (Counseling Psychology); B.A., University of Massachusetts (Psychology)

BSC Activities and Interests: BSC activities include academic counseling, consulting, teaching the Reading Course, academic advising, and the facilitation of groups and workshops aimed at intellectual, emotional, ethical, and personal development. I co-facilitate a weekly group for graduate students called What Are You Doing With Your Life, and am the BSC liaison to Mather House and Eliot House.  

I am deeply interested in the development of beliefs, values, and worldviews that allow students to find meaningful engagement in today’s world. 

Outside the BSC: Licensed psychologist in private practice.

Personal: Born and raised in Boston, married, the father of two inspiring sons who are now in college, one a rising senior, the other a rising sophomore. I love reading and have a particular interest in epistemological questions, particularly the difference between reductionist and holistic/integrative ways of understanding ourselves and the world. This subject has particular meaning given our current socio-political context, offering a lens for understanding how students (and all of us) find our way in today’s world. In a past life I was a musician, playing in rock bands. I sometimes still get together and make music with old band members.

Contact Information

p: 617-495-2581