Abigail Lipson

Abigail Lipson


Education: Ph.D., Duke University (Clinical Psychology); B.A., Hampshire College (Education and Psychology)

BSC Activities and Interests: My BSC activities include academic counseling, consulting, teaching the Reading Course, academic advising, and representing the BSC on University committees and working groups. I am co-coordinator for The Success-Failure Project and The Resilience Consortium. I am the BSC liaison to Adams House.

I am interested in the practical, experiential, and neurocognitive aspects of the learning process; the development of learning skills (reading, writing, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking; working and playing well with others); academic originality and integrity; and the relationships between motivation, achievement, and creativity. I am also interested in resilience in the face of failure and resilience in the face of success; how we make and remake decisions and cope with the consequences; how each person learns and grows in our own way; and how our senses of identity, family, culture, class, and life direction affect our learning and evolve over time.

Outside the BSC:  I have taught at the high school, college, and graduate school levels, and I have published and presented widely on topics related to higher education and student development. I am a licensed psychologist.

Personal: I grew up mostly in New England, second generation American from a Russian/Ukrainian/Jewish background, and have lived and traveled in many countries with my multicultural/multilingual/multireligious/multiracial/multinational family. I’m a high school drop-out.

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