Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is an opportunity for you to connect with a student who has previously done well in your course. Most tutoring is one-on-one, but occasionally tutors also work with groups of students.

Students often seek peer tutors in order to:

  • consult about problem sets
  • review concepts for papers or class discussion
  • gain confidence in understanding course materials
  • prepare for a test or exam
  • learn in a supportive environment with a fellow student

Last academic year, approximately 400 students signed up to tutor through the BSC; over 650 students received about 7,000 hours of tutoring in over 200 courses.

BSC Peer Tutor registration for academic year 2017-18 will begin mid July.

Thank you for your patience during the launch of the new BSC online peer tutoring system. We are working to fulfill peer tutoring requests as quickly as possible. Please contact us directly with questions or concerns at or 617-495-2581 or stop by the BSC at 5 Linden Street.

Rules of Harvard College: Accepting Compensation for Private Tutoring

All financial transactions for peer tutoring take place through the BSC. Peer tutors are not permitted to accept any kind of payment directly from a tutee.

Harvard undergraduate students may not accept compensation from another undergraduate student for private tutoring without the prior written permission of the Dean of the College, according to the rules of the College. The Dean has authorized the BSC to oversee such tutoring in the Peer Tutoring Program.