Request a BSC Peer Tutor

Peer Tutoring is available during the fall and spring terms (closed during the summertime).

Students seek peer tutoring through the BSC for many reasons, including:

  • review new information and concepts they are learning
  • deepen their understanding of materials they have already learned
  • refresh their mastery of material they might have forgotten
  • prepare for an exam
  • get academic assistance in addition to the help provided by the course and department

The Peer Tutoring Program operates during the fall and spring term. We begin accepting tutoring requests on the second week of classes.

We may not be able to fulfill all peer tutoring requests because tutors may not be available in all courses. Tutors are usually available in lower-level STEM courses and those assignments are typically made within one week or as quickly as possible. Please remember that peer tutors and tutees should plan to have their first meeting within 10 days of the assignment (we ask tutees to be mindful of this as they submit their requests for peer tutoring). Contact us at with questions, urgent assistance, or help identifying additional resources.

To submit a request for a BSC Peer Tutor during the fall and/or spring terms (closed summer):

1.  Please review our Policies, Fees, Scheduling, and Prep Time section.

2.  Take the online tutee orientation (about 5 minutes)

3.  Are you ready to begin your peer tutoring? Tutees and peer tutors are required to have their first meeting within 10 days of assignment.

4.  During the term, and after the first week of classes, you may submit your request through the Tutoring@Harvard portal (log in with your HarvardKey during fall and spring terms, closed during summertime).

5.   After you submit your request: BSC staff process requests during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (closed University holidays). If tutors are available, assignments are typically made within one week or as soon as possible. You can check your Tutoring@Harvard portal dashboard to see the status of your request. 

Tutee Orientation

The tutee orientation has been designed with the tutee in mind in order to help tutees to have a productive peer tutoring experience.

Tutees complete this orientation once a year to be informed of tutoring policies, fees, responsibilities, and useful tips on working with BSC Peer Tutors.

Link to online tutee orientation

About Writing and Editing

BSC Peer Tutors cannot provide writing or editing help. They can, however, help you review the course content and think through your ideas. BSC academic counselors can help with aspects of the writing process and can connect students with the available resources at Harvard.

Harvard College:

Harvard College students can find a list of writing resources at the Harvard College Writing Program Writing Center.

Graduate Students:

Graduate students can find a list of Harvard writing resources at Graduate students can also check with their program director to see if their program offers department-based writing support.

Questions or Concerns

Whatever the reason, if peer tutoring does not feel helpful to you, please let us know immediately. We will work with you to find another peer tutor or resources within the community.

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of your peer tutoring experience. Call us at 617-495-2581, email, or stop by the BSC at 5 Linden Street.