Become a BSC Peer Tutor

General Information

Each year, approximately 400 students, with varied backgrounds and interests, work as BSC Peer Tutors. Peer tutoring gives students with career interests in teaching or other helping professions an opportunity for hands-on practice and gives students with other career interests the opportunity to work with the concepts and materials in their field.

You are encouraged to become a BSC Peer Tutor if you:

  • are interested in helping other students 
  • would like to share your enthusiasm for a particular subject 
  • are sensitive to others' difficulties with their coursework


To be a BSC Peer Tutor, you must:

  • be an enrolled degree candidate in Harvard College, GSAS, HGSE, and HKS
  • have earned an A- or better in the course(s) you want to tutor or by faculty recommendation or by consulting with a BSC Peer Tutoring Supervisor
  • have completed at least one semester of classes at Harvard University

By awarding your grade, the course has already qualified you to tutor. You must register to become a BSC Peer Tutor but there are no interviews or applications.


All peer tutors are expected to abide by the guidelines outlined in the Handbook for Peer Tutors. In addition, tutors and tutees are expected to abide by the College’s policies on academic integrity as outlined in the Handbook for Students and the Honor Code.

BSC Peer Tutors vs. BSC Peer Tutor Fellows

BSC Peer Tutors (PT) BSC Peer Tutor Fellows (PTF)
Ideal if you...
  • desire flexibility
  • want to choose when and how many tutees you tutor
  • have a strong interest in the process of teaching and learning
  • will commit to tutoring at least 3 tutees concurrently or will commit to at least 3 hours per week of tutoring
  • are strongly interested in participating in a mandatory weekly group meeting for discussion, reflection, and supervision about tutoring, teaching, and learning
  • have earned an A- or better in the course(s) you want to tutor, or by faculty recommendation
  • have earned an A- or better in the courses you want to tutor, or by faculty recommendation
  • qualify to tutor at least 3 courses for each semester in which you plan to be an PTF, i.e., 3 fall courses if you are applying to be a Fall PTF and 3 spring courses if you are applying to be a Spring PTF; 2 of the courses must be a course listed in the table of Most Frequently Requested Courses
  • flexible; you can work as many or as few tutoring jobs as your schedule allows
  • tutor at least 3 tutees concurrently or tutor a minimum of 3 hours per week
  • attend mandatory weekly group meetings for discussion, reflection, and supervision about tutoring, teaching, and learning
  • participate in tutor events, e.g., tutor recruitment and orientation meetings
Application Deadline
  • Rolling; registrations are accepted throughout the academic year
  • Returning tutors must register every year
  • For the fall semester, in last spring and early summer
  • For the spring semester, in January
  • Returning PTFs should contact the PTF supervisors
Selection Process
  • Candidates may be interviewed by PTF supervisors
  • Students selected are notified in the summer for fall and in January for spring
Compensation $18 per hour
$20 per hour

Most Frequently Requested Courses

Fall term
ApMth 21a
Chem 17
CompSci - 50 and above
Econ - all levels
Eng-Sci - all levels
LifeSci 1a
Math - Ma, 1a and above
MCB 60, 80
PhySci 2
Physics 15a
Stat - 104, 110 and above

Spring term
ApMth 21b
Chem 20, 27, 40
CompSci - 51, 124, all levels
Econ - all levels
Gov 50
LifeSci 1b
Math - Mb, 1b and above
PhySci 1, 3, 11, 12a
Stat - 102, 104, 111 and above

Scheduling Sessions

It is up to you and your tutee to determine where, when, and for how long you meet. You can set a weekly time or meet on a per session basis.

Preparation Time

By advance mutual agreement between you and your tutee, you may also charge up to one half hour of preparation time for each tutoring session. Tutors are expected to ask the tutee each time they hope to use prep time; tutees are charged for this time on their termbills.


If your tutee needs to cancel an appointment, your tutee must notify you 24 hours in advance or you have the right to charge for one missed hour. You are also expected to provide your tutee(s) with at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel a session.

Questions and Concerns about Tutoring

Whatever the reason, please let us know if the tutoring is not working out so we can advise you and/or make a new tutor/tutee match. We welcome your feedback on any aspect of your peer tutoring experience.