Become a BSC Peer Tutor

Each year, around 650 students with varied backgrounds and interests work as BSC Peer Tutors. Peer tutoring gives students an opportunity to support a fellow student’s learning, to deepen their own understanding of concepts and materials, to mentor a student in ways to approach Harvard courses, and to further develop communication skills. Graduate students can gain experience working with the undergraduates prior to becoming Teaching Fellows.

You are encouraged to become a BSC Peer Tutor if you:

  • are interested in helping other students 
  • would like to share your enthusiasm for a particular subject 
  • are sensitive to others' difficulties with their coursework

More Information

Eligibility to become a BSC Peer Tutor

Harvard College students

  • are enrolled in the semester you wish to be a BSC Peer Tutor
  • have earned an A- or better in the course(s) you want to tutor; you may also qualify to tutor a course if you are recommended by the course staff or after consulting with a BSC Peer Tutoring Program supervisor
  • have completed at least one semester of classes at Harvard University

Your grade of A- or better in a course pre-qualifies you to tutor for that course. You must register to become a BSC Peer Tutor, but there are no interviews or applications.

Graduate students

  • are enrolled in the semester you wish to be a BSC Peer Tutor
  • have a solid understanding of the course topic(s) you want to tutor or by recommendation from the course staff (Please contact the BSC with questions about courses that you might be eligible to tutor.) 

Graduate students may begin tutoring in their first semester at Harvard.

Please note that Harvard Extension School students are not eligible to be BSC Peer Tutors.

Peer Tutor Fellows Program

The Peer Tutor Fellows are undergraduates who have a particular interest in the process of teaching and learning and who qualify to tutor for several of the courses with the highest needs for peer tutors.

PTFs commit to attending required discussion meetings at the BSC, and commit to tutoring a set number of tutees or hours throughout the semester. Peer Tutor Fellows earn $19 per hour.  

The BSC typically recruits for the PTF programs at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Eligible students will receive an email with the program requirements, including the PTF Program’s designated courses for that year, and a link to the application.

To find out more, please contact the BSC at

Peer Tutor Responsibilities

All BSC Peer Tutors are expected to abide by the guidelines outlined in the Handbook for BSC Peer Tutors.

All peer tutors and tutees are expected to abide by the College’s policies on academic integrity as outlined in the Handbook for Students and the Honor Code. Graduate students are expected to abide by their own School's academic and student employment policies.

Questions or Concerns

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about your peer tutoring experience or if you need help resolving any issue related to peer tutoring. Call us at 617-495-2581, email, or stop by the BSC at 5 Linden Street.