5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Peer Tutoring

The online tutee orientation provides additional advice and information on ways to get the most from your peer tutoring experience.

1.  Be specific about what you need, and come to meetings prepared 

If you both come to the meeting prepared, your time together will be more productive.

      • consider and write down questions about your work as they occur
      • email or speak with your peer tutor in advance about particular difficulties or questions
      • keep in mind that the more your peer tutor knows about your needs, the better your tutor can help you

2.  Communicate 

Your peer tutor wants to be helpful to you and relies on your guidance to know what works best for you.

      • tell your peer tutor about any time constraints or deadlines you might have 
      • plan ahead in order to have sufficient time to meet 
      • update your tutor on how things are going and what is most or least helpful about your work together

3.  Use your peer tutor to guide you to additional resources 

Though your peer tutors are eager to help you, they do not have all the answers. 

      • seek out the many other resources available on campus for help with writing, coping with personal issues, understanding the course materials, etc.
      • ask questions so your peer tutor can help you connect with additional sources of support as needed

4.  Respect your peer tutor’s time 

Peer tutors are students just like you, with their own deadlines and demands.

      • be on time for appointments
      • make sure you and your peer tutor know how to reach one another between meetings
      • give your peer tutor 24 hours' notice if you need to cancel a meeting (otherwise you may be billed for the missed hour)

5.  Keep track of your sessions 

Keeping track of the dates and length of your sessions, allows you to verify that your term bill is correct. 

      • check the email you receive every Sunday morning reporting the hours your tutor has submitted to the BSC
      • you can be billed for missed or late-cancelled meetings
      • your tutor can bill for up to one-half hour of preparation time per session by advance mutual agreement
      • please contact us at bscfinance@bsc.harvard.edu before 5:00 p.m. on Monday if reported hours are incorrect